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FPI Sensors International is a leading manufacturer of custom and standard liquid level sensors, float level switches, continuous level sensors. and water level sensors. We are dedicated to meeting our customers liquid level sensor needs with efficiency, quality, integrity all while building long-lasting relationships.

Our liquid level sensors include float level switches, liquid level sensors, float level sensors, leak detection sensors and continuous output level sensors. All are designed to provide OEM’s the desirable combination of high quality, low cost products that are highly customizable and manufactured in 72 hours.

Leader in Float Level Sensor Technology for OEM's - Custom Orders in 72 Hours

Featured Float Switch Products

Continuous Level Sensors - Loop Powered

4-20MA Output - No Calibration

Quick Access Mounting Options For Switches & Sensors

Quick Disconnect / Easy Access

Leak Detection Sensors & Float Switches

EZ Test Leak Detection Sensor

Custom Multi Level Float Switches

Small Tanks/ Tight Spacing, No Problem

Liquid Level & Temperature Switches

Combine Level & Temperautre


UL, cUL, Hazardous locations, FL DOT