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Significant infusion of engineering talent enhances capability to offer state-of-the art sensing technologies to OEM’s, system integrators, distributors, and end users. Dallas, Texas: Rochester Gauges, a manufacturer of gauges announced today that it has changed its name to Rochester Sensors. The name change was prompted by organic growth and ... Read More
April 18, 2022fpiuser


As we’re in a niche manufacturing market and most of our friends don’t know what we do we thought we write about our different product offering and their usage. Hope this helps define what it is we do. Here’s article #1 – what are float switches and how ... Read More
August 3, 2020fpisensors


While even those in the realm of manufacturing may not have float switches and level sensors on their mind around the clock, no one can deny they serve a valuable purpose when it comes to monitoring and measuring liquids and their levels. The importance of this depends on the specific ... Read More
June 15, 2020fpisensors


October 31, 2019 (Dallas, Texas) – Rochester Gauges, LLC (“Rochester”), a designer and manufacturer of liquid level gauges and sensors, announced today that it has acquired 100% of the capital stock of Fozmula Limited (“Fozmula”) from HB4. The acquisition of Fozmula is part of a multi-year strategy to expand ... Read More
November 5, 2019fpisensors


Rochester Gauges Acquires FPI SensorsJune 24, 2019 (Dallas, Texas) – Rochester Gauges, LLC is pleased to announce the acquisition of FPI Sensors. The acquisition of FPI Sensors further expands Rochester’s market share in the liquid level sensor space. Since the acquisition by Renovo, Rochester continues to build on ... Read More
June 24, 2019fpisensors


What is the difference between a point level sensor and a continuous level sensor? When it comes to liquid level sensors, you have a variety of different technologies to choose from. While there are many different types of liquid level sensors, you can break them up in to two basic categories. ... Read More
June 7, 2019fpisensors


Float switches are used in a number of different industrial processes. A single stage switch can be the perfect solution for measuring high points and low points in tanks, and they can also be a good solution for switching on various pieces of equipment when the liquid or material in ... Read More
July 10, 2018fpisensors


What to look for when purchasing a float switch Float switches can be found in a number of different industries. They can be applied for purposes that are relatively simple, and they can be used for more complex functions. Regardless of the setting or the switches purpose, it is important to ... Read More
June 5, 2018fpisensors


Sea levels have been on the rise for more than a century, and the rate of sea-level rise has accelerated in recent years. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, global sea levels are rising by about an eighth of an inch every year. For coastal cities in the ... Read More
May 7, 2018fpisensors


Float switches play an important role in managing storage tank systems. Whether the tank holds oil, water or any other substance, float switches can be used to manage the liquid levels, operate equipment and they can play an important role in protecting equipment that may get damaged by improper operation. ... Read More
April 5, 2018fpisensors