What is the difference between a point level sensor and a continuous level sensor?

When it comes to liquid level sensors, you have a variety of different technologies to choose from. While there are many different types of liquid level sensors, you can break them up in to two basic categories. These two categories include sensors that are for point level detection and sensors that are for the continuous detection of liquid levels. Different applications may require the benefits of a continuous detection system and others may be better served by point level detection.

What is a point level sensor?

A sensor that is designed for point level detection will detect liquid at a certain point in a tank or chamber. Generally, this is intended for processes where high or low levels need to be managed.

For the most part, they work as a switch to engage a function when the tank level either rises or falls to a certain level. This could be to sound an alarm or to engage a piece of equipment. Essentially, the sensor detects when the liquid has reached the desired point and it acts as a switch to activate the necessary response.


What is a continuous level sensor?

A continuous liquid level sensor is designed to provide liquid level detection through every point in a tank or chamber. This means that it provides feedback regardless of the liquid level and through the full range of the container. This is good for processes where it is always important to know the liquid level and for applications where increased precision is necessary.

Even within these two basic classifications for liquid level sensors, there are many different types of devices that can be good for different situations. Beyond choosing a liquid level sensor that is either continuous or point level, there are several factors that can determine which type of sensor will work best for the application. Factors like temperature, pressure, chemical compatibility, range of measurement and the type of response or output will matter.

Once you have decided whether you need a continuous or point level sensor, you will need to consider a range of other factors in choosing the right sensor for the application. A failure to account for all of these details can lead to operational problems for the sensor and any other equipment that it may work in conjunction with.

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