Float Switch Heroes: Friend to the Fish

Float Switch Heroes: Friend to the Fish

Today’s Float Switch Hero comes to us from Koi Talk, the online forums of England’s Koi magazine. There you’ll find the UK’s most dedicated enthusiasts of keeping and caring for the graceful fish and their pond habitats that are the central feature of Asian-inspired gardens.

You’ll also find “Anthony,” a senior member in good standing of the community for over 5 years, who recently shared this story with the heading “Thank heavens for the float switch”:

Koi typically prefer a water depth of three feet, so Anthony picked a good level to set his switch to – much lower and his poor fish would be feeling as tightly packed as a tin of sardines.

Liquid level sensors don’t just regulate chemicals in cold mechanical processes. They’re out there keeping gardens beautiful and even saving lives – that’s a real Float Switch Hero.

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