How to Assemble a Float Switch for your home

How to Assemble a Float Switch for your home

At FPI sensors we mainly sell commercial float switches and level sensors. However occasionally there are micro level uses – here is an easy five step process on how to assemble a float switch for a fishing tank.

Float switches control the amount of water that is pumped into a holding tank. When the water holding tank is low, the float switch turns on the water pump and when the holding tank is full it turns it off. The holding tank adds fresh water to fish tanks, which must be done on a daily basis. Most float switches are purchased in kits and must be assembled by hand. The assembly requires some wire splicing and drilling.

  1. Determine where the float switch is going to be installed. It needs to be able to move freely and rise or fall with the water level so don’t position it in the tank where it will be obstructed. Secure the cable of the float switch onto a down-pipe or bulkhead with plastic ties.
  2. Strip 1/2-inch from the end of a float switch wire and connector wire. Twist the wires together. Apply shrink wrap tubing over the end of one of the wires and move it over the twisted together wires. Use a heat gun to heat up the insulation and make it shrink snugly against the combined wires. Do this for the rest of the wires to they are under control.
  3. Find the black lead wire on the float switch. Connect the lead wire to the N, or neutral pin, of the three pin mains plug in the same manner as the float switch wires and connector wires. Find the blue wire on the float switch and connect it with the provided waterproof connector to the neutral pin of the pump. Move the brown wire of the float switch over to a spot that is well insulated and dry. Attach the live pin of the three pin mains plug to the live pin of the pump. If the cables of the pump do not have a “N” or “L” indicator on the wires, do not worry about the polarity and just attach them to the same wire as before.
  4. Connect all the cables to the head controller unit of the float switch and turn it on.

That will do it.

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