Tank Level Sensors

Level sensors for tanks

FPI Sensors offers a wide range of level sensors that can be used in a variety of different industrial processes. They can be used to measure liquids and fluids, as well as granular materials and fluidized solids and powders (This is something FPI does not offer). Depending on an array of different factors, you might select different types of level sensors.

The exact purpose of the sensor and the desired response are obviously important factors, but you also have to consider the characteristics of the material that is being measured. In the range of level sensors that are available, you have level sensors that detect the tank level in different ways. Some of the most common options are capacitive sensors, float sensors and conductivity probes.

In this post, we are not going to talk about specific types of sensors and how they work. Instead, we are going to look at the different purposes for which a level sensor might be used.

Point Level Measuring

With level sensors that are used for point level measuring, you have sensors that are designed to measure the material in a tank at a specific point. It could be a high point in the tank or it could be a low point. When the material in the tank reaches this high or low level, the sensor could be used to do something like trigger an alarm. These types of sensors are important for things like preventing the overfilling of a tank or for avoiding situations where low levels could be dangerous.

Along with point level sensors that can detect one specific point, you can also find point level sensors that have multiple points. This can be used for situations where you may not need continuous monitoring, but you may need to be aware of different level points in the tank. If the tank rises to the first point level on the sensor, this could be a warning to monitor the conditions of the tank or to take a specific action. If the level continues to rise to the next level, then this could dictate different actions by the staff that is monitoring the tank.

Continuous Measuring

Level sensors that are designed for continuous measuring are more sophisticated and they are used to monitor the level of a material through the entire range of a tank. The level sensor measures the amount of the material in the tank, and it produces an output that is then represented on a readout or gauge of some type. This is for applications where it is necessary to know the precise level of a material in a tank at any given time.

Both point level measurement and continuous measurement can be used in a wide variety of industrial settings. For some processes, it may actually be necessary to use both point level and continuous measuring on the same tank. Under certain circumstances, you may also need tank level sensors that are designed to provide additional feedback as well as the level of the material in the tank, and there is also the possibility that you may need custom made level sensors for certain types of jobs.

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