Temperature Sensors & Float Switches for Craft Beer

Temperature Sensors & Float Switches for Craft Beer

Beer has been big business in the United States for quite some time, but in recent years, smaller breweries have been taking over more and more of the market share. These microbreweries have become popular because they are known for creating high-quality brews that offer distinct flavors.

With the increased popularity of craft beers, we have seen more of these independent operations pop up over the last ten years. While the larger brewers make their money by mass producing beer that can be sold at a lower price, the smaller independent brewers rely on their ability to make unique brews that people are often willing to pay more for.

When you look at the process of making these craft beers, you see that factors like temperature and liquid level control are vital. Craft brewers need to have the ability to monitor and control the temperature in various stages of the brewing process and they also need to be able to manage liquid levels. For this reason, temperature sensors and float switches are important for making quality craft beers.

It starts with the malting process. A slight shift in temperature can have a significant impact on the type of malt that is created. After that, you have the mash tun temperature. Even a slight difference of just a few degrees can have a significant impact on the type and amount of sugars that are created in the process. From the early stages to the later stages of the process, temperature control is vital.

A brewer that does not have sufficient control over the temperature is going to harder time producing beer that has a consistent quality. You’ll waste materials, have to shutdown to recalibrate systems and lose time as you try to make adjustments without the proper monitoring and control equipment. This is why quality temperature sensors are so important for microbreweries.

Another point is that craft brewers rely on their reputation for creating quality brews that have consistent traits. If you can’t accurately monitor and manage temperatures, you won’t be able to produce with adequate consistency, and this is going to hurt your reputation as a brewer.

Beyond temperature sensors, you also need to make sure to manage liquid levels. Brewers need float switches to prevent overfilling at different stages in the brewing process. They can also be important for storage, bottling and for managing wastewater in the brewery.

Craft brewers need to get the correct float switches and temperature sensors to ensure that they can create the best product possible. You need equipment that can provide accurate measurements and you may also need sensors and switches that work to automate different processes that are vital to brewing. For some brewers, it can be difficult to find the right sensors and switches for different stages of the process. If you need assistance with temperature sensor or float switch selection, you could consult an engineer or talk to a representative at FPI Sensors!

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