Condensate Float Switch

Condensate Float Switch Uses

Commercial and industrial refrigeration and HVAC systems can generate a large amount of condensate. These systems generally have a drain pan to collect and drain the condensate. If the drain clogs, water damage can occur as the drain pan overflows.

The drain pans catch the excessive moisture (condensate) and directs the excessive condensate to a safe area through a drain line. If the drain line clogs for some reasons, the drain pan will fill and potentially overfill causing the water to leak into an undesired area. A condensate float switch is used to detect if the drain pan if overfilling. The condensate float switch is typically wired into the HVAC or refrigeration control unit. As the water in the drain pan raises to an unsafe level, the float switch shuts down the system so that additional condensate is not being created which would increase the potential for damage.

Condensate float switches are also available to install into certain drain lines that would detect a problem with the condensate freely flowing through the drain line.


Types of Condensate Float Switches

There are several different styles of float switches that can be used in condensate drain pans. The most popular condensate float switches are made from polypropylene and are small single level switches similar to a LS-1000-PP. his style switch would typically be mounted on the edge of the drain pain by mounting the sensor to a clip or built in from the bottom of the drain pan.

Drain line float switches typically are side mount switches (although not limited to side mount switches) that mount into a T fitting. It is desirable to have the drain line float switch as close to the drain pan as possible to prevent drain line clogs between the float switch and the drain pan.

These condensate switches typically have electrical ratings of 50 watts, 265V and 1 amp (maximum parameters, none of which can be exceeded). The switches are normally set so the switch is closed (on) for normal operation and opens (off) when the liquid rises. This open switch is typically used to shut down the system to prevent the creation of additional water.

FPI Sensors manufacture standard and custom condensate float switches. These switches are very reliable, and you can be confident they will provide years of reliable service.