Quick Connect Liquid Level Sensor Mounting

Quickly connect your liquid level sensors


Quick Connect Liquid Level Sensor Mounting

We offer a variety of quick connection sensor mounting options. These mounting options are available on all compatible custom manufactured liquid level sensors. In addition, most electrical connectors, housings, and conduit connections are available with the quick connect mounting fittings .

The quick connect mounting fittings make it easy to install the level sensor and easy to remove the sensor for cleaning or regular maintenance. Most sensors made with quick connect fittings can be designed so that the sensor’s wires do not require disconnection when removing the sensor from your system.

These quick connect fittings are also available on our 4-20mA and 0-5VDC Continuous output level sensors, our multi-level float sensors and our leak detection sensors. If you would like more information on the quick connect fittings or have other special fittings you would like to consider for your level sensor design, please send us an email or call us 1-800-852-9984. We specialize in meeting your needs.

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