Side Mount Float Switches

Highly dependable and customizable side mount float switch assemblies


At Rochester Sensors, our side mount float switches are specifically designed for tank side entry mounting. Made from your choice of stainless steel, nylon or polypropylene along with many options make , our side mounts are incredibly versatile. Our stainless steel and polypropylene options make available a side mount float switch that is compatible and useful in almost every type of liquid. Our units can be custom-ordered and manufactured in 3 days to quickly meet the specific demands of the task at hand.

Also, our popular 90-degree model is highly customizable and is designed to handle both unique and tough situations. The side mount design gives you the flexibility to mount the unit from either the inside or outside of the tank.

If you’d like a customization performed on any of our side mount float switches, please do not hesitate to fill out this form or call us at 1-800-852-9984. We would be happy to design units that are catered to your specific application needs!

Side Mount Float Switch | SM-1000-SS

This easily customizable 90-degree stainless steel float switch is equipped to take on the toughest of situations. With versatility in mind, the mounting fitting is designed to allow the sensor to be mounted from either the interior or the exterior of the tank. Most fitting sizes, materials and float options are available for this switch. This sensor can be specially designed to operate in pressures in excess of 500 PSI and maximum temperatures above 300F. For more information about the SM-1000-SS, please check out the product specifications here.

Side Mount Float Switch | SM-4100-SS

The SM-4100-SS is a standard side mount unit that’s highly customizable. Not only are most fitting sizes available, but the dimensions of the side mount can be adjusted, too. Depending on your requirements, the distance between the float hinge point and the fitting can be easily changed. You can also add a compression fitting, which allows the side mount to be threaded into the tank to attach as tightly as possible. Once the fitting is tightened, the direction of the float switch can be manipulated to create a seal that’s equipped to handle pressures up to 100 PSI.

Side Mount Float Switch | SM-4100-PP

The SM-4100-PP side mount marries low cost with reliable operation. This polypropylene unit can be mounted from either the inside or the outside of the tank, thanks to the convenient ½” x ½” NPT fitting. If you’re mounting this float switch on the tank’s outside, the exterior ½” NPT thread can be used as a point to mount an electrical enclosure. You can also customize this unit by requesting the lead wire or electrical connect requirements of your choice.

Side Mount Float Switch | SM-4105-PP

At Rochester Sensors, our polypropylene SM-4105-PP side mount level sensors are incredibly user friendly. These side mounts are quick and easy to mount due to the bulkhead mounting connection. In your choice of lead wire or cable and switch design, this low-cost side mount sensor is ready to get the job done. This unit is armed to operate in temperatures up to 180F and pressures up to 100 PSI.

Side Mount Float Switch | SM-4115-PP

Our dependable SM-4115-PP side mount sensor uses a compression gasket to quickly mount from the exterior of your tank wall. This side mount seals with a NDR grommet compression gasket in a non-threaded hole. The polypropylene stem and float, in combination with the NBR gasket seal, makes this low cost unit an excellent choice for many liquid types and quick mounting. Like the SM-4105-PP option, this side mount sensor is available with your choice of cable or lead wire, and your choice of SPST switch or SPDT switch.

Side Mount Float Switch | SM-4120-PP

Designed with a ½” NPT fitting, this side mount sensor made from polypropylene is extremely reliable. This low cost unit attaches to the side of the tank for a fast and simple assembly. Make this SM-4120-PP side mount your own by choosing between cable or lead wire, and a SPST switch or SPDT switch. This unit is designed to function in temperatures up to 180F and pressures up to 100 PSI.

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