Liquid Level Sensors

Liquid Level Sensor Applications

Looking for a liquid level sensor for a specific type of liquid or application? Rochester Sensors offers one of the best and largest selections of standard and customizable sensors and switches. No matter what type of application or liquid you are working with, the variety of sizes, mounting options and materials that we have at our disposal will ensure that we meet any requirement you may have.

Looking to Purchase a Sensor?

Before purchasing your liquid level switch, there are a few questions you should try to answer.

  • What kind of fluid will be measured?
  • Should the level sensor be external or can we insert it into the application in question?
  • Do you need the sensor to detect the level continuously or will a point sensor be adequate? (point sensing involves taking measurements at certain instances)
  • Can the sensor come in contact with the process fluid?
  • Is direct measurement of the level needed?

Legendary Service

Industry leader in customer satisfaction & meeting your personal float switch needs!

Industries We Serve

  • Oil/Water Separators
  • Waste Water Treatment Equipment
  • Diesel Fuel /Oil tank and Transfer Systems
  • Fuel Management
  • Chemical Processing and Storage
  • Freon Recovery
  • Lubrication Equipment

How We Build Our Sensors

When building our liquid level sensors, we combine liquid level and temperature sensing (options include temperature switch, thermocouple, RTD, thermistor and more) which can result in a much more efficient, reliable sensing package.

Typically, liquid level and temperature products lead to a reduction in installation costs, space savings, SKU reduction, product cost savings and more.

Interested in a custom made product? Rochester Sensors can manufacture almost any type of sensor. Please contact us via our website or give us a call today for customization requests!

Different Types of Sensors

When it comes to liquid level sensors with temperature sensing built in, we really offer 3 types of sensors. Our stainless steel option is for use in the most demanding applications and can operate at temperatures up to 300F and at pressures up to 750 PSI.

Our second option is made from a combination of Brass and Buna material. This makes the sensor ideal for fuel and oil level sensing.

The last option we offer is a light sensor made of Buna material. It is a low cost option that is still very reliable!

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