Guided Wave Radar Liquid Level Transmitter

High Accuracy Guided Wave Radar Liquid Level Transmitter

Rochester Sensors 9402 Series Guided Wave Radar (GWR, Gen II) transmitter, provides technical advantages over traditional reed switch probe liquid level sensors. The 9402 GWR sensor utilizes digital technology and requires minimal maintenance, while providing high accuracy measurements in mechanically challenging tanks. It features an anodized aluminum head and a stainless-steel waveguide.

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What is a GWR Radar Liquid Level Transmitter?

The 9402 is based on the measurement principles of guided wave radar and time domain reflectometry technology. Unlike capacitive measurement-based devices, knowing the dielectric constant of the material being measured is not required for the Model 9402, and the presence of water in the tank will not cause stability issues with the device. The Model 9402 is very rugged boasting IP6K9K protection and the ability to withstand extremes of shock and vibration.


The 9402 sensor is highly configurable and can be customized for specific applications, including the selection of probe length and electrical outputs. The device is designed for stationary applications and is ideal for fuel monitoring for remote backup generators, particularly for tanks with pre-existing small access ports. The low-profile head design extends less than 1″ above the tank, and the side cable exit eliminates vertical clearance concerns for industrial systems. The wetted components are suitable for a range of fluids including diesel, biodiesel, synthetic oils, mineral oils, coolants, water, and mildly acidic or corrosive media.