Single Point Level Switches

Dependable and efficient single point level switch technology for OEM’s.

Single Point Level Switches

FPI Sensors offers the best selection of standard and customizable single point level switches in the industry. Our products are constructed with a variety of materials, mounting options and sizes to meet nearly any application requirement you may have. These float switches are ideal for small or shallow tanks, tight spaces or for any low-cost, high volume requirements.

  • Float Switches For All Applications
  • Reliable & Dependable
  • Standard or Customizable
  • Low Cost, High Quality
  • Material, Size & Mounting Options


Different Types of Single Point Level Switch Assemblies

Our all brass buna single point level switches are perfect for fuel and oil type liquid sensing. These float switch assemblies are reliable and durable, making them a great investment for your desired application.

Our stainless steel stem single point level switch assemblies improve the compatibility of the all brass buna float switch while keeping it at a low cost.

The all stainless steel float switches are designed to maintain durability and reliability in the most difficult or demanding applications, operating at temperatures of 300 degrees F and up to pressures to 500 PSI.

The polypropylene float switch is our most basic assembly. These float switches are inexpensive but are still durable in less demanding applications.

At FPI Sensors, we also construct a PVC single point level switch that is ideal for chemical storage tanks and equipment where different types of acids need to be measured.

Our Freon switch is a popular choice for protecting and preventing Freon tank overfill for all different tank sizes.

If you need something we do not offer on our website, please contact us as we can custom make any type of single level float switch you’re looking for!