Single Point Level Switches

Dependable and efficient single point level switch technology for OEM’s.


Single Point Level Switches

Rochester Sensors offers the best selection of standard and customizable single point level switches in the industry. Our products are constructed with a variety of materials, mounting options and sizes to meet nearly any application requirement you may have.

These float switches are ideal for small or shallow tanks, tight spaces or for any low-cost, high volume requirements. Most of our switches are reversible, allowing a normally-closed or normally-opened position. A few of our common customizations include slosh shields, cables, and thermocouples.

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Different Types of Single Point Level Switch Assemblies

Our all brass buna single point level switches are perfectly designed for high viscosity liquid sensing, such as with fuel and oils. The buoyancy of buna combined with the weight and structure of these switches allow for ideal vertical movement and steadiness. These float switch assemblies are carefully constructed with the highest quality materials to be reliable and durable, making them a great investment for your desired application. Brass buna switches are suitable for many industries as they can be used in temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit and pressures up to 150 PSI. Brass is corrosion resistant with most fuels like kerosene, butane and ether, making this material ideal for generators and fuel storage.

Our stainless steel stem single point level switch assemblies improve the compatibility of the all brass buna float switch with more acidic and basic liquids like acetone and oils while keeping it at a low cost. The buna float allows this type of float switch to maintain lightness and stability in high viscosity liquids while retaining corrosion resistance against many chemicals, making it perfect for working with many fuels, alcohols and salt water.

The all stainless steel float switches are designed to maintain durability and reliability in the most difficult or demanding applications, operating at significantly higher temperatures and pressures than float switches made of other materials. Being comprised entirely of stainless steel means that these switches are able to withstand higher temperatures and pressures than your average float switch. With resistance to the effects of many corrosive chemicals, these stainless steel float switches can be used in a wide range of applications including the medical, sanitary and food industries. Stainless steel’s versatile uses and durability make it perfect for complex and delicate applications that require accuracy and consistency.

The polypropylene float switch is our most basic assembly and can’t withstand high heat environments, but they are still corrosion resistant in acidic and alkaline substances and therefor good for many applications such as metal plating solutions. Their sturdy construction and design makes these switches reliable for many industries and uses. The low cost of these switches makes them ideal for those businesses who need numerous float switches or individuals who are using the switches in home projects like ponds and fermented beverages.

At Rochester Sensors, we also construct a PVC single point level switch that is ideal for chemical storage tanks and equipment where different types of acids need to be measured, although these switches are not resistant to high heat or high pressure. For basic applications with the use of acids this is the most cost effective type of float switch available and remains durable, accurate and effective when used in mild conditions. Brine tanks for water softeners and paper liquors are some of the industries that this type of float switch is commonly used in.

Our Freon switch is a popular choice for protecting and preventing Freon tank overfill for all different tank sizes. The brass stem, stainless steel float and narrow design allow this switch to withstand high temperatures and high pressures. This float switch is specifically designed to operate smoothly with Freon and is useful in industries that have to reliably and accurately regulate cold storage units, AC units and refrigeration units. Freon is used for temperature regulation in many industries such as healthcare and food services where maintaining appropriate temperatures is a matter of safety and health. Rochester Sensors sells one of the few float switches in the industry that’s designed specifically to operate with Freon, so you can be sure that you’ll get the performance and durability you need when using our Freon switch.

If you need something we do not offer on our website, please contact us as we can custom make any type of single level float switch you’re looking for!

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