Continuous Liquid Level Sensors

Reliable and accurate sensor technology

High Quality Continuous Level Sensors

Continuous level sensors and level transmitters are your best solution when requiring durability and accuracy to gauge an exact amount of a liquid within a specified range. At Rochester Sensors we pride ourselves in designing and manufacturing a variety of sensors to surpass our customers’ expectations.

At Rochester Sensors our sensors provide reliable continuous feedback and are available in both 0-5VDC and 4-20 mA outputs.

With our products there are several options available including temperature sensors, independent low or high level switch points, a variety of materials as well as mounting options.

Looking for a specific type or a custom continuous liquid level sensor? Rochester Sensors will custom build one for you! Please give us a call today at 1-800-852-9984 or contact us online with any question or customization requests!

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What is a Continuous Liquid Level Sensor?

Continuous level sensors are transmitters that measure liquids within a specified range and determine the exact amount of liquid within a confined area providing a continuous analog output to your panel or meter. These continuous level measurement products are available in both vertical and horizontal mount transmitters that are ideal for monitoring liquids in tight or restricted areas.

On our sensors, the transmitter and the signal conditioning is built into the sensor stem making for a very stream lined package. A top mounted or wall mounted programmable display is available to provide a digital display of your liquid level as well.

Different Applications We Offer

If you are looking for an accurate and reliable float sensor for tight spaces, then you need to try out our vertical mount or horizontal mount continuous level sensors today.

The unique design of our these sensors eliminates calibration and does away with “signal drift”. Our sensors are the ideal OEM’s choice for ease of installation and long term stability. With many available options, our level transmitters are the best choice for difficult mounting applications. These sensors are engineered and designed to work in the most demanding applications with multiple years of accurate performance.

  • Marine Applications
  • Chemical Vessels
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Diesel Fuel Gauging
  • Hydraulic Power Systems
  • Tank Levels

Rochester Sensors Custom Options

At Rochester Sensors, we offer many options to customize your continuous level sensor applications. One option we have for you is adding an alarm system to the level transmitter. The alarm provides a backup signal that is self-contained and separate from the sensor itself. This added feature provides a redundant backup that ensures the reliability and accuracy of the sensor.

Another application you can add is a temperature sensor that gives you the temperature of the liquid. If you are dealing with liquids that you need to consistently monitor the temperature of the liquid, consider integrating the temperature sensor into the continuous level sensor.