Water Level Sensors & Switches

High Quality, Low Cost Water Level Sensors

Do you need a reliable sensor or switch to help detect the water levels in your application? At Rochester Sensors, we offer a wide range of accurate and dependable water level sensors that detect the level of water for various applications. Some of the industrial applications a Rochester Sensors water level sensor is perfect for are transport tanks, storage tanks and water tanks.

Two very popular types of sensors we manufacture to detect water are the point level switches and continuous output level sensors. Continuous level water sensors provide continuous feedback showing the exact location of your water level at all times. Point water level switches detect whether the water is above or below each of the sensing points.

We focus on meeting our customers’ needs by manufacturing high quality and efficient water level sensor technology for OEM’s while building lasting relationships. We are so confident with our products that we warrant all of our products to be free from defects and workmanship under normal use for one full year from shipping date.

If you desire a customized water level switch or sensor for your application, we can have it built for you. Please contact one of our experts today so we can help answer any questions you may have in regards to our products.

How Do Our Water Level Sensors & Switches Work?

Many industrial and commercial practices will need switches that engage depending on the different conditions of a water that is being worked with. It could be dependent upon liquid level, pressure, flow or temperature. In some cases, it could be necessary to have switching or monitoring for more than one of these factors. Very commonly, a process will need switching or monitoring in relation to both temperature and water level. For these situations, it can be ideal to use a combination water level sensor switch that manages both operations.

A water level temperature sensor will monitor both the level of the liquid and the temperature. Depending on the need, it can be configured to perform a variety of functions for different situations. They could be used to provide feedback on temperature and water level, they can be used to control circuits that operate different components and they can be used to send an alarm signal.

A water level sensor with temperature sensing built in is really two different sensors in one device. The first is the sensor that operates on the liquid level and the other is for operating in relation to the temperature. Depending on the purpose, you could use different float switch technologies for the water level in combination with different types of temperature sensors.

For monitoring and managing operation based on water level, the magnetic reed switch is a popular form of float switch and it can be combined with different temperature sensors depending upon the need. Common types of temperature switches that can be combined for these applications include thermistors, thermocouples and resistance temperature detectors (RTDs). The exact combination of float switch and temperature sensor will depend on the specific application.