Float Switch Heroes: Wearable Liquid Level Sensors

Float Switch Heroes: Wearable Liquid Level Sensors

Liquid level sensors aren’t all about cold technology and engineering. There are some applications for liquid sensing that are more personal, that confront sensitive problems for individual people.

Recently, a new solution has been developed to combat the effects of incontinence for those suffering with the stigmatizing condition. It is a wearable garment that combines electro-conductive thread that responds to the presence of fluid by alerting an embedded sensor that vibrates gently. Studies show that the pants have successfully alerted wearers to incidents 91% of the time.

Professor Raj Persad of Bristol University speaks to the value of such innovations, saying, “This is a great breakthrough for incontinence sufferers. Apart from the stresses of dealing with the symptoms of incontinence, sufferers are at risk of social isolation and depression. This device helps restore dignity.”

Persad anticipates that the devices will be available within the next year. It may not be the field we work in here at FPI, but we’re still impressed by the breadth of possibility offered by custom applications for liquid level sensors.

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