Liquid Level Sensing the Future

Liquid Level Sensing the Future

An important question to ask when making custom liquid level sensors is how: How to make the most accurate, durable, and affordable sensor for a given application. To answer that question, we must also ask what: What are the properties of the material that needs to be monitored?

Soon, there may be many new answers to that question. Industrial engineers and chemists are joining forces to mass-produce nanotechnology that will revolutionize the field of chemical processing. Some of these engineered materials include ultrafiltration membranes for cleaning water and incredibly durable scratch-proof paints.

Other materials will provide interesting challenges for manufacturers of level sensors. Will a traditional float switch be able to accurately measure quantities of tiny metal-organic frameworks designed to capture natural gas energy? Will new chemical catalysts in some industries be too acidic for existing level sensing technology?

Nanotechnology is providing new materials and methods that will impact chemical storage and industrial processes. Level switches must rise to meet that challenge.

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