Float Switches for Oil & Water Storage Tanks

Float Switches for Oil & Water Storage Tanks

Float switches play an important role in managing storage tank systems. Whether the tank holds oil, water or any other substance, float switches can be used to manage the liquid levels, operate equipment and they can play an important role in protecting equipment that may get damaged by improper operation. In this post, we are going to take a closer look at the importance of float switches for storage tank systems.

Manage Liquid Levels

Float switches are commonly used to manage the liquid levels in storage tanks. For some, it might be to manage the high level, in others it might be to manage low levels and maintain a critical level of the liquid. In many cases, multiple float switches are used to manage high levels, low levels and to engage or disengage different pieces if equipment depending on the liquid level.

As an example of how this may work, you could have one float switch near the top to prevent overfilling the tank. You could also have a float switch at a specific point that engages a pump to fill the tank when the liquid reaches a low level. If the tank is to remain near full at all times, you would have both float switches near the top.

Protect Equipment

In many storage tank systems, float switches play an important role in protecting equipment. As an example, consider a system that has a pump that drains the tank. If the water drops to the level of the pump, the pump will begin to suck air instead of the liquid. This is a situation where the pump could be damaged if the liquid is allowed to drop that low.

To protect the pump against this type of damage, you would need to position a float switch near the bottom of the tank. At a level that is near a safe level for the pump, you would position the float switch to automatically turn the pump off when the liquid drops to this level. This acts as an emergency shut off that stops the pump when the liquid level gets too low, and this protects the pump against damage.

Depending on the type of storage tank system, you would need different types of float switches. Some switches may not be safe for use with different types of liquids, and in some cases, you might need the switch to fit a set of specifications depending on the intended function of the switch. If the right type of switch for the application is unclear, it can help to consult with a representative from FPI Sensors. We manufacture and supplie your float switches.

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